RLM v13.0 (BL2) – Release Date January 2019

  • Note: BL2 is the first production release of RLM v13.0 (See Release Notes).
  • v13.0BL2 is released on windows, mac, linux/intel, and solaris.
  • This release fixes problems P504-P519.
  • All RLM kits contain both the machine-independent and the machine-dependent part (including the Reference manual).


RLM Activation Pro

To install:

  • Unix/Mac: download, gunzip the kit, tar xf, then run INSTALL. See README above. (If your browser gunzipped the file during transfer, you should skip the gunzip step). Note arm64_m2 does not have Java support.
  • Windows: download, execute the installer, then run “nmake” in the binary directory (x86_w4, x64_w4, x86_w3, or x64_w3).


  • Java for Unix (java_unix.tar.gz) (RLM has java support only on the following Unix platforms: x86_l2, x64_l1, x86_m1, x64_m1, and all Solaris platforms) (970 kb). Windows kits include the Java interface.) (1030 kb)





For general questions, please send email to support@reprisesoftware.com.