Frequently Asked Questions

What is the order of license files processed by my application?

RLM builds a list of license files, in the following order:

  • <isvname>_LICENSE environment (if it exists) – this can be a list of license files, or port@host specifications
  • RLM_LICENSE environment (if _LICENSE doesn’t exist) a list, similar to the above
  • A license file specified in argument 1 to rlm_init() – this is a single license file or port@host or directory. Typically software publishers set this to the current directory (“.”)
  • license files in directory specified by argument 2 to rlm_init()

These are all put into a single list, in that order.

However, if you set the environment variable RLM_PATH_RANDOMIZE, then the list is started from some random point, wrapping back around to the front of the original list.