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Upgrade Your Licensing Process with Activation Pro

Effortless Software Activation Over the Internet


Deliver electronic licenses 24/7 with an autonomous process.


A completely automated back-office that's comprehensive and self-service enabled.


Trackable license fulfillment activity with the ability to enable and disable licenses in the field.​

Activation Pro Features

Complete Back-Office Solution
Issue and track customer licenses with Activation Pro.Customers can self-manage their licenses.Our package includes an activation server and management interface.Use API calls to retrieve licenses.Integration with back-office systems via a web services interface.
In the Cloud or On-Premises
Use our service for cloud hosting, or your servers for on-premises.Full functionality available in both options.
High Volume, 24/7 Automation
Improve efficiency in delivering high-volume products.Allow customers 24/7 access to your products.Review new activations made overnight the following morning.
Monitor Customer License Activity
Monitor the progress of evaluations using the license database.Track trials, reactivations, and licenses.For subscription licenses, view the last server check-in time.Always have access to a complete history of customer licenses.
Disable Licenses in the Field
Disable licenses if a customer cancels their subscription.Take immediate action if a customer decommissions a machine.Have the ability to disable licenses for non-payment.
No More “Lost License” Support Calls
Immediate response to misplaced license requests.Retrieves and returns original licenses.
Automated License Rehosting
Customers can move licenses to new computers.No need to contact support.Deactivate and reactivate licenses easily with Activation Pro.
Bulk Licenses from One Activation Key
Issue one activation key for multi-copy purchases, valid for multiple computers.Allow bulk sales of activation codes.Enable software fulfillment by ultimate customers via distributors and resellers.
Customer Database
Activation Pro includes a customer-tracking database.Customers can check key and license status via the Customer Portal.

How Software
Activation Works


License Setup

Define the types of licenses to be delivered with software activation (typically trial, permanent node-locked, and permanent floating).


Key Creation

Upon purchase, create activation keys for distribution to your customers. Or create them in bulk, in advance.


Customer Interface

Build an “Enter Key” dialog in your product, prompting for the activation key, and pass the key to RLM via an API. Alternatively, set up a webpage for your customers to enter the activation key and hostid.


Automated Processing

Activation Pro and RLM handle the heavy lifting. They connect to the software activation server on your website, authenticate the activation key, record the transaction in your activation database, and return a license or an error status.


Status Check

You can check the return status from the API and decide whether to run or not.

Activation Pro

 What’s the difference?

Activation Pro

What’s the difference?

Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Software License Manager

RLM provides runtime checking that verifies that your application is licensed to run and that the current usage of your application is within the limits you have ser every time your application runs.

As a Software publisher, you integrate RLM into your product, and RLM keeps track at runtime of who is using the licenses of your software.

RLM can do this entirely within the client library (linked into your application), or, more commonly, your application makes a request of the RLM Lincese Server to check out a license.

The lincese server runs either on your customers network, or in the cloud if you are using our RLMCloud™ service.

RLM provides runtime checking that verifies that your application is licensed to run and that the current usage of your application is within the limits you have ser every time your application runs.

RLM Activation Pro

Software Activation Manager

Activation Pro is
used once when your customer purchases your software in order to retrieve the license which is specific to that customer.

Software Activation’s purpose in life is to get the licenses for your product to your customers with a minimum of fuss.

Activation Pro also has a server component wich we call the activation server.

Your application contacts the activation server and supplies a short text activation key, and in exchange, the activation server returns the license which enables your product.

Generally, this is done once, right after your customer purchases your software, not every time your software is invoked.