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Reprise License Manager

RLM is enterprise-class software licensing

Reprise is the software licensing company that supports you like no other. We measure support by # of bugs, bug fix response time, and customer support response times.

Take a look at these statistics, and see if your current licensing supplier can compare.

Bugs, and bug fix times

Reprise has 3 products: RLM, Activation Pro, and RLMCloud. The average rate of new reported bugs in all three products combined is 0.72 bugs/week (averaged from 2009-2019).

The average time to fix a bug is 11.4 days (since 2009)

You can see the bugs in all of our products here

Customer Support Statistics

Reprise supports you with our engineers, the same engineers who develop the products. And by "support", we mean helping you integrate our software into yours, assisting you with problems with your software, as well as fielding reports of bugs in our products.

Average time, from support incident report to first contact with one of our engineers who can solve your problem, is 53 minutes (worldwide, averaged over 2017-2018)

The average support ticket resolution time is 5.2 days (average 2017-2018)

And we do this while supporting over 800 ISVs.

See if your current licensing supplier can compare.

  • Reprise License Manager

    Reprise License Manager - RLM

    Software license management

    The Reprise License Manager (RLM) is a flexible and easy-to-use license manager with the power to serve enterprise users. License on-premises or in the cloud and use numerous licensing models. We offer a pricing model that makes it affordable to publishers of all sizes. RLM gives you license protection to ensure that your software is used within the terms and conditions you specify.

    Learn more about RLM

  • RLMCloud - Licenses in the Cloud


    Cloud-based license servers

    RLMCloud is a hosted solution for managing licenses in the Cloud. With RLMCloud, your customer never has to install a license server at their site. Your RLM-licensed application is already enabled to use RLMCloud with no code changes, so you can deploy servers in the Cloud or on-premises, whichever your customer prefers.

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  • RLM Activation Pro - license activation

    Activation Pro

    Software activation over the Internet

    Activation Pro gives you, the software publisher, the ability to deliver electronic licenses to your customers 24x7, without customer support involvement. You supply an activation key to your customer, and at a later point in time, your customer uses this activation key to retrieve a license specific to their computer or network. Together with RLM, Activation Pro provides a complete software license management and entitlement system.

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We provide an exceptional customer experience.