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Reprise License Manager Wins the SourceForge Spring 2022 Leader Award

Reprise License Manager (RLM), which won the Spring Leader Award from SourceForge in March 2021, has been named a winner in Spring 2022.


SourceForge is the world’s largest software and services review and comparison website. This award recognizes exceptional companies and products.


The Spring 2022 Leader award winners must receive enough high-rated user reviews to rank them in the top 5% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge.


“We are delighted to receive this honor again,” said Reprise President Alan Klug. “We believe in RLM and love that our customers do too. RLM improves the whole licensing process by providing reliable and flexible solutions. ”


Since 2006, RLM has offered numerous licensing models and flexible pricing that appeals to software publishers of all sizes. Though RLM is a robust software license manager, it is also easy to use. Reprise delivers solutions that can help increase revenue and attract new customers.


Klug adds, “Without users taking the time to provide overwhelmingly positive feedback on SourceForge, we wouldn’t have been granted this award. It reminds us how important it is to listen to customers and continuously provide them with best-in-class software and industry-leading support.”

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New RLM Release (v15.2)

We are excited to announce the release of RLM v15.2! Version 15.2 adds new platform support and fixes a number of bugs. We have also introduced a new online documentation platform on our website.   Added platform support ensures your customers can run RLM on

Floating License Timeouts

Overview RLM server administrators can configure a floating license timeout if a client computer has not returned the license, and if RLM is no longer able to check the license status on the client computer. This means that a Timeout will not return a license

RLM Maintenance Release (v15.1BL2) 

We have released a maintenance update to RLM v15.1BL2. This release primarily addresses a critical security vulnerability in the Mongoose web server.   If you have already updated to v15.1, we strongly recommend updating to v15.1BL2.   In addition to addressing this vulnerability we have

Using SSL Certificates HTTPS with RLM

Using SSL Certificates (HTTPS) with RLM

Starting with RLM version 15.1, License Administrators are now able to run the RLM web server with SSL certificates. When setup to use SSL certificates RLM’s web server will run with the HTTPS protocol.

New RLM Release (v15.1)

We are excited to announce the release of RLM v15.1, which provides a number of security enhancements, simplifies service installation, and fixes multiple bugs.   Significant improvements, such as the introduction of the Mongoose web server make RLM more secure, while also simplifying installation for

The Power of Metered Licensing

Did you know that besides offering node-locked, networked, and named-user licensing, RLM can provide metered licensing options?   CPFD Software is a trailblazer in computational particle fluid dynamics. Organizations around the world use their Barracuda Virtual Reactor software to solve complicated engineering and technology problems.

Man types on keyboard to update his software

New RLM Release (v15.0)

We are happy to announce the first production release of RLM v15.0. It fixes multiple bugs, improves workflows, and adds functionality.   After working tirelessly for months to improve our software, we know this RLM release will make license management easier and more streamlined for

Activation Pro

What’s the difference?

Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Software License Manager

RLM provides runtime checking that verifies that your application is licensed to run and that the current usage of your application is within the limits you have ser every time your application runs.

As a Software publisher, you integrate RLM into your product, and RLM keeps track at runtime of who is using the licenses of your software.

RLM can do this entirely within the client library (linked into your application), or, more commonly, your application makes a request of the RLM Lincese Server to check out a license.

The lincese server runs either on your customers network, or in the cloud if you are using our RLMCloud™ service.

RLM provides runtime checking that verifies that your application is licensed to run and that the current usage of your application is within the limits you have ser every time your application runs.

RLM Activation Pro

Software Activation Manager

Activation Pro is
used once when your customer purchases your software in order to retrieve the license which is specific to that customer.

Software Activation’s purpose in life is to get the licenses for your product to your customers with a minimum of fuss.

Activation Pro also has a server component wich we call the activation server.

Your application contacts the activation server and supplies a short text activation key, and in exchange, the activation server returns the license which enables your product.

Generally, this is done once, right after your customer purchases your software, not every time your software is invoked.