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Peregrine Labs Moves to RLM to Build Better Products

Peregrine Labs is a small visual technology studio founded in 2010 by Colin Doncaster and Kirsten Bodenstedt. With a pedigree in the visual effects and animation industry, the Peregrine Labs team has over 25 years of experience working on some of the most memorable projects in cinema’s recent history. Their background, coupled with their love of storytelling, led Peregrine to build a sustainable studio to research and develop new platforms that create memorable experiences.

Although the technology was initially developed for internal use, outside studios started to show interest in Peregrine’s technology. It made sense to offer some of their tools to a broader market. Peregrine developed a small toolset for tracking usage internally. Still, they needed help from a third-party solution so they could concentrate on building better products instead of trying to maintain licensing.

Their two publicly available products are Yeti, used for creating realistic fur, hair, and feathers on digital character and Bokeh – a lens simulation plugin that accurately renders out of focus effects generated by camera lens systems. Bokeh is especially unique as it’s one of the few products on the market that fully supports Deep Compositing (a technology that was awarded a SciTech award from Motion Picture Academy, for which Colin was one of the recipients).

Having licensed other third-party products before, they were already familiar with RLM as it was becoming an industry standard. Although Peregrine spent some time evaluating different products, the decision to adopt RLM was a quick and happy one. They aim to play nicely within their industry’s ecosystem and use a familiar licensing tool where studios could host multiple vendors off the same server, definitely struck a chord, and their customers echoed that sentiment. As developers, it was painless to implement RLM into Pregrine’s codebase and, although it doesn’t happen, the Reprise team has always been quick and helpful when support is needed.