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UNH InterOperability Lab Values RLM for Software Licensing

The UNH InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) is a neutral and independent lab that tests networking and data communication products for businesses across the globe. We started our journey towards commercializing our software in 2010 with, IOL INTACT®. At that time, we evaluated several licensing models and different options for licensing software libraries. After exploring our options, we chose an open-source project to base our licensing model around. We quickly realized more features and flexibility were needed to meet the needs of our customers. It was then that we turned to Reprise Software, and the Reprise License Manager (RLM).

RLM is used exclusively by our commercialized software at the lab. In the beginning, as we explored how best to deliver and maintain customer licenses, we relied heavily on the node-locked licensing model. This has numerous advantages, including ease of understanding and straightforward installation. In fact, to this day, this model continues to be used for some of our customers and models, including software demo licenses.

Over time, as the complexity of our customer use-cases grew, so did the desire for a more flexible licensing model. It’s understood that anytime you make changes to how you use a library, you’re expected to make source code changes as well. With that mentality, we took on the task of implementing the RLM Floating License model. However, with RLM, no changes to the RLM interfacing code were needed. RLM effortlessly allows software vendors and customers to change licensing models by simply changing the content of the license file itself. This allows software vendors to focus on usability and supporting the customer in configuring the floating license server itself.

Overall, our experience with Reprise and RLM has been positive. As we’ve grown in our commercialization journey, our use of the RLM licensing software has grown with us and helped enable our goals of an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to protect software. Including IOL INTACT®, we’ve now grown to include IOL INTERACT, Violett, BitPhyer, and QualiPhyer.

“RLM remains a core component in enabling our commercialized software business model.”


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