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Mystro Software Trusts Reprise

One Hill Solutions has used RLM in its product, Mystro, since 2014. Mystro is a server based application that helps biotech labs and other industries manage data collected from disparate instruments.

One Hill Solutions was a brand new company when it introduced Mystro as its first major software product. Their small development team did not have any experience with software licensing products in previous jobs, so they looked to Reprise Software for support.

Reprise Software’s software examples, documentation and e-mail support were critical in the early days to complete the implementation quickly. One Hill Solutions decided to use the node-locked, uncounted license type utilizing optional tag parameters to customize the license checks on their system.

Mystro intends to shift from a server based application to a web based application in the future, so the fact that Reprise provides a variety of deployment solutions is a huge plus. Mystro plans to use the RLMCloud solution after this shift.

About One Hill Solutions and the Mystro Software

One Hill Solutions Software, Inc. provides an end to end solution for industries that require a simple user interface to a pool of data from different equipment manufacturers. Founded in 2014, One Hill Solutions is a daughter company of Spectra Automation, one of the largest independent system integrators in New England.