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Reprise Licensing for InSync Technology Ltd

Licensing FrameFormer software standards conversion using RLM

From the outset, InSync Technology wanted their FrameFormer motion compensated software standards converter to be accessible to all broadcast and media professionals. The sizes ranged from small post-production houses up to major broadcasters and content distributors. A simple, reliable software licensing solution was essential in order to simplify the end customer experience.

Key requirements for InSync were the following:

  • integration of the licensing solution into their e-commerce platform,
  • a software-only method,
  • applicability to multiple operating systems, and
  • the ability for the customer to be able to activate their product, even if they are off-line

RLM from Reprise met all the requirements. The RLM SDK was readily integrated into InSync’s FrameFormer software, and was suitable for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The Activation Pro on-line tool allows activation keys to be automatically generated at the point of sale, and enables tracking of license fulfillment. Short-duration licenses can be generated for demo versions of FrameFormer, allowing InSync customers to try out InSync’s motion compensated standards conversion before they purchase the full license.

Paola Hobson, Managing Director of InSync Technology said, “An automated licensing experience is essential for FrameFormer users. InSync’s customers are busy people and don’t have time for complex product licensing procedures. RLM from Reprise has been InSync’s preferred solution for some years now, and since FrameFormer customers are happy, we are happy too.”

About InSync Technology

InSync logoInSync Technology is a successful and growing Employee-Owned business with a 16-year history of design and development of signal processing products to the broadcast industry.

Our specialty is standards conversion where we have gained a reputation for high quality, high efficiency frame rate and format converters.

The FrameFormer range of products are finely-tuned software derivatives of our well-established hardware conversion products. Our software targets CPU-only deployment, enabling customers to flexibly deploy their converter on any chosen hardware, including VMs. For more information, please visit www.insync.tv.