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StrataData Consolidates its Licensing Around RLM

StrataData has been developing StrataBugs, a niche geological database product for recording and interpreting stratigraphic (and in particular biostratigraphic) data, since moving out of the corporate world and becoming an independent software vendor.

They started with two license models:

  • A self written system which was based inside a host database for their multiuser corporate clients, and
  • A stand alone dongle based license for single user PCs.

Using RLM, they were able to migrate to a more flexible licensing model which seamlessly integrated their existing dongles for those that wanted to retain them, as well as provide all the benefits of floating, server-based licensing where appropriate.

StrataData’s clients appreciated the flexible model, which includes temporary licenses and roaming licenses. As a small company they appreciated the technical support from Reprise Software who provided quick answers from experts, instead of frontline staff merely filtering support messages.

When a client wants to see their product’s usage metrics, StrataData instructs them to switch on report logging, which saves StrataData from changing their code. When corporations ask them if their license files are compatible with another popular licensing system, StrataData let’s them know that the similarity of RLM largely overcomes any reluctance they may have about installing another license server. Overall, it’s been a very successful implementation.

About StrataData Ltd

StrataData is a small UK geological services company working in the oil & gas and geotechnical industry and with academic institutions. Founded in 1992, the software product, StrataBugs, has become the de facto standard for industrial biostratigraphy. As a small company, they prefer to deal directly with the experts at Reprise rather than the less personal service other larger providers offer.