RLM Issues Affecting Software Publishers

Software License Management Issues Resolved

We are constantly striving to improve RLM to make sure license administrators and users do not face any issues. Here is a complete list and details regarding all the issues that have been resolved from version 8.0 to present.
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P572 - rlm_products() doesn't work on RLMCloud
P571- reread assigns metered license checkouts to a floating license
P568 - https activation with a bad cert can cause core dump
P567 - failover servers don't work when primary has an ASH hostid
P566 - intel-based linux servers support only 1015 clients.
P565 - actpro fails to create key if strings are too long.
P564 - RLMCloud HTTPS [email protected]@[email protected] ineffective
P563 - Rehostable hostid incompatibility between _m1 and _m2 Mac kits
P561 - dynamic reservations not always removed
P560 - rlm_isv_cfg_set_old_isvname() ineffective
P559 - rlmremove prints error incorrectly
P558 - actpro "uptime stats" appears incorrectly
P557 - rlm_products() failure on RLMCloud systems with HTTPS
P556 - rlmhostid on arm64_l1 defaults to 32-bit hostid
P555 - activation license generator race condition
P554 - rlm web interface status leaks descriptors
P553 - license server fails to write roam file.
P552 - rlmutil windows temp directory issues
P551 - actpro - fulfilled count incorrect
P550 - rlm_act_keyvalid2() fails if no key expiration supplied
P549 - RLM Personal Edition does not honor promise interval
P548 - mac licenses fail to authenticate on java
P547 - rlm_log() returns bad status with HTTPS transport
P546 - actpro delete revoked and delete fulfillments don't delete any records
P545 - actpro "check database" command adds revoked licenses to fulfill count
P544 - rlm_isv_cfg_enable_check_license() issue
P543 - crash with demo license and long product name
P542 - disabling hostids causes failures
P541 - actpro table sorting issue
P540 - actpro backup database command fails
P539 - ISV name case issues
P538 - rlm_set_attr_reference_hostid() fails
P537 - actpro bulk customer load fails
P536 - re-activating an ASH license fails
P535 - Reportlog missing INUSE records
P534 - ASH startup check actually checks every night at midnight
P533 - Activation Pro creates duplicate badhost entries
P532 - roam issues with nearly identical license pools
P531 - Activation Pro key defaults form has blank entries
P530 - flash drives create false VM positives
P529 - RLMCloud - edit server error
P528 - non-latin character display problem
P527 - (java) rlmAvailableProducts failure
P526 - server incorrectly rejects ASH keys at midnight
P525 - portal users can see other keys
P524 - keys with revoked fulfillments can't be deleted
P523 - roaming error with rlm_checkout_product()
P522 - activation key search error
P521 - licenses roamed with clock windback are unusable
P520 - subscription keys re-enabled incorrectly
P519 - licenses don't pool on failover server
P518 - activation pro product clone issue
P517 - activation pro portal issues
P516 - subscription renewals get incorrect license
P515 - licenses with RLM_EL_OVERSOFT don't detect server down
P514 - rlm crash on reread from web interface
P513 - subscription renewals get incorrect license
P512 - subscription renewal date incorrect
P511 - rlm_isv_cfg_enable_check_license() issue
P510 - rlm_act_keyinfo() returns bad data.
P509 - named user license issue on reread
P508 - rlm_isv_cfg_enable_check_license() issue (2)
P507 - rlm_isv_cfg_enable_check_license() issue
P506 - RLMCloud and Activation Pro Merge company/contact problems
P505 - rlm_set_attr_keep_conn() has no effect
P504 - Unfulfilled keys report doesn't work
P503 - UUID hostid issues
P500 - actpro "text to prepend" fails with embedded quotes
P499 - actpro server doesn't update expiration date
P498 - alternate server hostid not preserved
P497 - notes field is truncated after double-quote
P496 - application crash with bad CUSTOMER line
P495 - actpro - "=" sign in options string gets removed
P494 - actpro web services broken in 12.3
P493 - rlmgen error
P492 - isv-defined hostids fail on systems with > 4 ethernet adapters
P491 - rehostable hostids sometimes do not verify
P490 - token licenses can't be entered in web interface
P489 - special characters can't be inserted in activation call
P487 - rehostable hostids don't verify system hostid on mac
P486 - extra carriage return in license lines
P485 - roaming doesn't work if rlm_set_att_req_opt() called
P484 - actpro generated bad ASH/ANH licenses if URL missing
P483 - Java API leaks memory
P482 - vm detection failure
P481 - actpro - error with & in log string
P480 - licenses pool incorrectly by _id
P479 - servers don't sort licenses by _id on reread
P477 - roaming N licenses after roaming fewer fails
P476 - rlmanon doesn't anonomize INUSE records
P475 - actpro: ash_sn changes when editing activation key
P474 - checking in a failed checkout can cause good licenses to be checked in
P473 - actpro: tab- and comma-delmitied reports missing time fields
P472 - actpro: The UUID checkbox can't be saved
P470 - MAX for user "*" applies across all users.
P469 - transferred licenses on a server are exhausted with rereads
P468 - multiple share= not handled correctly by rlmsign
P467 - The RLM web server remembers license passwords.
P466 - RLM web server crashes
P465 - servers do not support multiple transfer definitions for same product
P464 - rlm_act_fulfill_info() not documented correctly
P463 - actpro - first edit button in customer list doesn't work
P462 - options in rlm_isv_config aren't honored in settings file
P461 - required options fails on Alternate Nodelocked Hostids
P460 - rlm_auto_hb() with ANH licenses causes hang
P459 - rehostable hostid revoke by reference failure
P458 - getting ethernet addresses on Linux is slow
P457 - Application gets RLM_EL_NO_HEARTBEAT if TCP error
P456 - rlm_checkout_product() calls always queue.
P455 - queueing problems
P454 - server cache failure on Unix (RLMCloud)
P453 - rlm crash when editing license/options files
P452 - UPGRADE processing failure
P451 - server nodelock hostid list issue
P450 - Queueing response takes too long
P449 - Actpro misleading error code
P448 - bad status on clock windback
P447 - Actpro does not work with php v7
P446 - actpro portal mysql error
P444 - rlm web server memory leak
P443 - actpro with isv-string hostids
P442 - ISV server memory leak
P441 - multi-character usernames can't be removed from named user licenses
P440 - ISV server crash with no HOST line
P439 - server crashes on windows 10 with rlm_init_disconn()
P438 - server crashes on windows 10
P437 - actpro_url doesn't work in settings file
P436 - pre v12.0 clients fail with v12.0 server
P435 - HP/UX 64-bit server issues
P434 - rlm_auto_hb() leaks semaphores on mac
P433 - Actpro database inconsistency errors
P431 - Actpro bulk customer load errors
P430 - RLM on linux doesn't broadcast
P429 - timezone calculated incorrectly during DST
P428 - rlm_enable_server_vm licenses displayed
P427 - Actpro - IP address failure
P426 - Java buffer overrun
P424 - Broadcast for a server leaks memory
P423 - Server connections leak memory
P422 - web interface timeout issues
P421 - rlm password file errors
P420 - RLM_ROAM and RLM_QUEUE should not be set at the same time
P419 - syntax errors creating activation keys cause save problems
P418 - roamed token-based license sometimes doesn't work
P417 - checkout count on nested token licenses incorrect.
P416 - actpro - can't delete fulfillments from keys tab
P415 - actpro alternate server hostids fail
P414 - actpro delete key misleading warning
P413 - overridden user/host names don't work as hostids
P412 - rehostable license leaks memory
P411 - Can't eject USB device while RLM running
P410 - rlm web interface inconsistency.
P409 - ethernet-based VM detection sometimes fails
P408 - [actpro] some activation keys cannot be deleted.
P407 - system dates before 2000 cause license failure.
P406 - > 200 char hostids can fail.
P405 - licenses can be incompatible between mac and other platforms
P404 - rlm binds port 5053 incorrectly
P403 - roam cannot be extended
P402 - roaming an already-roamed license can cause errors.
P401 - Token-based licenses use only first primary license
P400 - RLM leaks semaphores on MAC
P399 - actpro reports selecting product report on extra products
P398 - rlm_act_revoke() problems with bad rehostable hostid
P397 - licenses can't be unroamed if the case of the server name is changed
P396 - detached demo licenses return wrong status for clock windback
P395 - metered licenses with periodic decrements can decrement too much
P394 - TOKEN_UNLOCKED licenses aren't processed
P393 - licenses roamed from a broadcast server can't be checked in
P392 - RLM does not pass all arguments to the ISV server.
P391 - some Windows disk SNs don't appear
P390 - In Actpro, the "products" column in the prod table is too short.
P389 - rlm_enable_server_vm licenses appear in status (they shouldn't) on non-VM servers.
P388 - The Qualsys Guard security vulnerability scanner crashes rlm on Windows
P385 - process queued for a license never sees server down status
P384 - license is queued at server twice
P383 - rlm web interface loses filter values
P382 - (Actpro) disabled non-primary license still gets generated.
P381 - login problems with multiple rlm sessions
P380 - rlmsign can't process wide-character paths
P379 - Activation Pro selection failure
P378 - rlm_init() leaks memory
P377 - rlm_isv_cfg_enable_check_license() can fail with 11.0 server and 10.1 client
P376 - Windows VM detection failure
P375 - first fulfillment date sometimes displays as 1969
P374 - "add activation key" doesn't work for multi-license products
P373 - roam extension problems
P372 - RLM web interface password file security issue
P371 - windows servers lose information about roamed licenses.
P370 - revoking one of a set of duplicate rehostable hostids revokes all.
P369 - On Windows, metering only works for a single instance of an ISV server.
P368 - status errors from rlm_auto_hb() on licenses checked out from 2 different servers
P367 - rlm_auto_hb() causes errors with multiple licenses checked out
P366 - proxy servers cause activation requests to fail intermittently
P365 - x64_w2 systems listen only on ipv6 sockets
P364 - rlmgen crashes intermittently on 64-bit windows
P363 - Roamed named-user licenses don't return properly
P362 - Long strings cause buffer overflow
P358 - Actpro Database backup/restore cause license generator failure
P357 - Rehostable licenses generated in the same clock second have duplicate hostids.
P356 - Some long dates truncated
P355 - rlm_activate() can crash with long hostid lists
P354 - actpro fulfillment count reporting incorrect
P353 - 2 ISV servers with the same port # cause rlm to crash
P352 - Actpro "upload database" command destroys database
P351 - Actpro database upgrade from v9.3 doesn't create one column
P350 - A valid disk serial number is sometimes ignored
P349 - actpro fulfill/delete consistency errors.
P348 - Duplicated licenses cause internal double-free
P347 - "virtual floppy" disk models trigger false VM detect
P346 - (ActPro) Sorting/Selecting on activation key fails
P345 - login errors (32-bit Linux)
P344 - multiple dongles sometimes missing (Windows)
P343 - sql errors displaying activation keys
P342 - quoted strings in counted licenses - checksum errors
P341 - rlm looks in the wrong directory for password file
P340 - rlm crash after warning
P339 - rlm_products() doesn't handle NL, Uncounted licenses
P338 - ISV server hang
P337 - rlm web interface memory leaks
P336 - rlm_userlist_read() treats "product" as case-sensitive
P335 - server errors with disconnected clients
P334 - On windows, "ISV <isv> <isv>" will not find server
P333 - On Windows, a space in DEBUGLOG path causes crash
P332 - Passing a NULLproduct to rlm_checkout causes crash
P331 - actpro/hosted error if ISV name contains "_"
P330 - uppercase characters not allowed in Actpro passwords
P329 - extra roaming licenses checked out on server
P327 - extra checkouts with auto heartbeats when disconnect
P325 - Client using disconnected handle never notice timeout
P324 - Linux system in GMT+0 is not recognized in correct TZ
P323 - too many license filenames crashes RLM
P322 - TIMEOUTALL option not always effective
P321 - appending to debug log causes service install failure
P320 - broadcast only works for first operation.
P319 - Activation Pro report sort issues
P318 - v8 and earlier clients incompatible with v10 server
P317 - rlmgen error with leading/trailing spaces in hostid
P316 - duplicate uncounted licenses appear in rlm_products()
P315 - rlm_init_disconn() problems with pre-v10 servers
P314 - roam checkout requests sometimes incorrectly denied
P313 - Disabling an activation key results in a warning
P312 - rlm_close() hang if rlm_auth_hb() and no more threads
P311 - rlm_checkout() loops if client cannot create a thread
P310 - "random" server crashes
P309 - ISV debug log w/append doesn't appear in diags
P308 - Roaming a license with '/' in the product name fails
P307 - settings files from (Beta) 10.0BL1 crash older server
P306 - Server instability with token-based licenses
P305 - Activation Pro - searching for notes results in error
P304 - status command sometimes fails to show last pool
P303 - license transfer doesn't work for some ISV settings
P302 - Linux client can leak file descriptors
P301 - The -x rlmdown option doesn't restrict web interface
P300 - Rehostable licenses become invalid on switch to DST
P299 - ISV settings file is sometimes not found
P298 - '@' character in license filename path doesn't work
P297 - server returns wrong expiration date in rlm_products
P296 - product name case sensitivity with rehostable license
P295 - rlm_sign_license() doesn't handle embedded CC
P294 - Long lines of random characters crash the LF parser
P293 - short disk serial numbers confuse RLM's VM detection.
P292 - metering parameters are not authenticated
P291 - rlmact2sql does not work for fulfilled licenses.
P290 - hostname wildcard matching in v9.4 does not work
P289 - initial_dec attribute disappears in metered licenses
P288 - rlmgen creates licenses with incorrect counts
P287 - expired rehostable licenses can be revoked
P286 - RLM fails to detect a VMware VM if disk SN too short
P285 - Creating a detached demo license with "." fails
P284 - compiles fail on MacOS with an ar error
P283 - rlmgen will not generate any kind of UPGRADE license
P282 - rehostable hostid creation fails
P281 - hostids created for rehostable licenses are bad
P280 - ActPro allows non-logged in users to view customers
P279 - re-activating a rehostable hostid causes problems.
P278 - failed (rehost) activation can leave hostid on system
P277 - server lockfile time never gets updated
P276 - clients take too long to detect server disconnect
P275 - options spec for multiple ISV instances doesn't work
P274 - activation fails when Avast virus scanner present
P273 - username not processed correctly in rlm_set_environ()
P272 - rlm_act_request() with long hostid list corrupts last
P271 - connect to a down linux server gives wrong error
P270 - Roamed, held, minimum_checkout licenses will timeout
P269 - Use of single licenses on Windows leaks memory
P268 - last LICENSE line not recognized
P267 - Windows lock errors with admin users
P265 - rlm incorrectly attempts to open C: as a license file
P264 - rlm crashes using the web interface to view dbg log
P263 - licenses fail to get checked in w/multiple handles
P262 - ISV server startup problems on Windows
P261 - Activation Pro license generator fails on Linux
P260 - rlmreread notes bad checksum with ISV-defiined hostid
P259 - rlmtests in Windows end-user bundle doesn't work 9.3
P258 - UPGRADES can be applied incorrectly.
P257 - rlmgen doesn't create licensed platforms correctly
P256 - actpro doesn't allow quoted strings for misc params
P255 - rlm_init() license string too long causes crash
P254 - second page of activation key report fails (ActPro)
P253 - Actpro license generator build issue
P252 - ISV line paths are lower-cased
P251 - Windows: disks with model #s > 32 chars cause crash
P250 - rlm_products() returns NULL if license has password
P249 - reconnect sometimes consumes too few licenses
P247 - Windows Disk Serial # code generates debug assertions
P245 - Activation Pro warnings and quoting errors
P244 - roamed license report expiration for clock windback
P243 - blank line in options file causes crash on reread
P242 - rlmsign crashes with extra double-quotes
P241 - rlm_skip_isv_down() skips LF with no ISV line
P240 - Editing an activation key sometimes fails
P239 - ISV server matches substrings of usernames in GROUPs
P238 - Rlmgen: extra license params converted to lowercase
P237 - Activation from the rlm web interface fails
P236 - rlmrefresh writes garbage to license files.
P235 - web interface status causes rlm to crash
P234 - rlc/rlmgen - disabling a product hangs browser
P233 - TAP-Win32 Adapter not recognized as undesirable
P232 - (Internet Activation) - Edit Activation Key problems
P231 - rlc allows duplicate activation keys
P230 - reportlog started with rlmswitchr ends
P229 - (Activation PRO) - edit activation key problems
P228 - Activation: The number of rehosts cannot be edited
P227 - rlm_log()/rlm_dlog() can crash application.
P226 - ISV Server crashes on Linux when editing options file
P225 - Server can miscount license usage
P224 - disable=TerminalServer also disables Remote Desktop
P223 - invalid "replace" licenses crash server
P222 - nodelocked, uncounted licenses not served correctly
P221 - "-dat" switch does not work on reread
P220 - no hostid in rlc "create license" causes crash
P219 - "Create License" (rlc or rlmgen) file write error
P218 - "Create License" button in rlc or rlmgen causes crash
P217 - Shared license which is roamed uses too many licenses
P216 - activation license generator does not work on Windows
P215 - rlm reports incorrect license files after reread
P214 - quoted strings on ISV line fail on windows
P213 - detached demo failure for ISVs with 'y' in name
P212 - refresh licenses fail on 2nd refresh in the same day
P211 - rlc create license does not work with hostid lists
P210 - rlmsign does not exit with non-zero status on errors
P208 - rlm_log()/rlm_dlog() cause nodelock checkouts to fail
P207 - nodelocked licenses do not share correctly
P206 - systems without networking can cause infinite loop
P205 - Licenses generated by rlc can be incorrect
P204 - problems with CaSe of usernames in named user list
P203 - rlm_get_attr_health() fails on detached demo license
P202 - RLM web interface subject to cross-site scripting
P201 - ISV rotate option without report log causes crash
P200 - rlm_act_request() closes file descriptor 0
P199 - mixing INCLUDE and INCLUDEALL leads to denials
P198 - rare application behavior causes server hang
P197 - rlm reports the same server down many times
P196 - rlmutil fails on Windows with "/" instead of "\"
P195 - rlm_sign_license() memory leaks
P194 - Windows installer problems
P193 - RLM server diagnostics causes an infinite loop
P192 - roam with ISV-defined hostids sometimes causes crash
P191 - rlmanon produces an empty output file.
P190 - IP addresses reported by RLM are incorrect.
P189 - Report Log does not get last AUTH record
P188 - RLM_PROJECT environment not processed correctly
P187 - rlc doesn't handle "extra" parameters correctly
P186 - failover licenses can cause server crash
P185 - detached demo creation sometimes fails on Windows
P184 - Roamed compound token-based license failure.
P183 - Options for the rlm web interface sometimes fail
P182 - problems with restrictions on shutdown/reread
P181 - End-user rlm options based on IP addresses fail
P179 - license file parser crashes
P178 - RLM does not always retrieve every IP address
P177 - licenses nodelocked to sn= or string= can't be served
P176 - hostid overwritten in activation key fulfillment file
P175 - Failures with usernames containing RLM illegal chars
P174 - license strings with embedded " #" sometimes fail
P173 - reservations for INTERNET ineffective
P172 - Compound token-based licenses do not share correctly.
P171 - rlm crash while writing license file from activation
P170 - RLC truncates activation key expiration dates.
P169 - rlm overwrites debug log even with "+"

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