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Land Software on RLMCloud: Hassle-free and Future-Proof

For the last 20 years, Land Software A/S has spent countless hours helping their customers manage (struggle with) various types of software licensing. They searched for different approaches to minimize the time spent managing their own issued licenses because they would rather spend that time developing software and servicing customers.

Requirement: Hassle-free and Safe

For their most recent landscaping add-on, LAND4, for use with ARCHICAD, they wanted a licensing system designed to be flexible, efficient, and easy for them and their end-users. It had to be hassle-free, and of course, safe. 

Reliable Support and Smooth Implementation

After thorough research, Land Software chose RLM’s cloud-based licensing service, RLMCloud. The documentation initially seemed a bit abstruse to non-programmers, but the support they received was timely and comprehensive, and the implementation ran smoothly. The system continues to meet their expectations fully, and they plan to move the rest of their applications to the RLMCloud platform too.

Satisfied Customers

Their customers are also happy. They place their orders, receive a license file, install the file – and that’s it. So far, there has been virtually no server downtime, and the Customer Portal allows Land Software’s customers to access their servers and view current licenses and active end-users.

Future-Proof Choice

Currently, Land Software issues floating licenses – free demos, as well as paid licenses of various durations, but their plans for the future include additional license types and attributes. The latter also influenced their decision to go with RLMCloud. In their view, the broad range of license options available combined with the high level of support and continued development of services makes their choice of RLM future-proof. 

About Land Software

Land Software is a small software development and IT consultancy company based in Denmark. They develop software for landscape architects (www.land4cad.com) and provide IT solutions and IT support to small and medium-sized enterprises. Their goal is to provide their customers with well thought out solutions to practical problems. Most of their clients operate in the landscaping industry.


  1. John Foster says:

    I have a LVieww Pro CD that I want to install in my computer but I forgot the license ID #. Will you please help me with it? Thank you.

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