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Drug Development Company, Lixoft, Uses RLM

Supporting Annual License Renewals with RLMCloud

Lixoft develops modeling and simulation software for advanced model-based drug development. Its products offer powerful and easy-to-use solutions for population analysis in pre-clinical, clinical trials, and in treatment individualization. The software is used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, and academic institutions around the word. In addition, it is used on a large variety of platforms (individual machine, server, and cluster) and several operating systems.

The company’s business model is to sell licenses for its products which are renewed annually. Lixoft needed a flexible and easy-to-use license management system for its products. Two elements were crucially important. It had to offer a very straightforward service for license delivery and management for its customers with a simple API integrated into its software. In addition, it had to be flexible in terms of options, e.g. from a license to a specific machine and/or user to a floating license, and in terms of which platform they run on. RLM was an excellent choice and Lixoft is very happy with it, i.e. they never experienced a licensing issue with a user.

The cloud-based license server is another efficient solution that Lixoft uses more and more. With RLMCloud, Lixoft’s customers never have to install a license server at their own site which simplifies the solution deployment on the Cloud platform; it also helps customers with users in many different sites. It provides additional flexibility to Lixoft’s software without any code change on their side.

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